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Machine Safety Inspections

How dangerous is working in the neighbourhood of machines? The Dutch Working Conditions Law describes all criteria for this situation very precisely and states that you are responsible for the safety and the correct registration of your electrical installations, equipment and devices. With Excellent Maintenance, Primoteq does not only focus on maintenance, but also takes care of the machine safety. Moreover, Primoteq is certified to perform official safety inspections.

NEN 3140

In the Dutch Working Conditions Law a yearly examination of electrical equipment, machining tools and hoisting/lifting equipment is described; the so-called NEN 3140-inspection. Primoteq has the accreditation and the experience to carry out this mandatory inspection. The following actions will be executed according to the RI&E model, to guarantee your machine safety:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Audit
  • Report
  • Corrective Measures
  • Evaluation

Risk Assesment & Evaluation (RI&E)

The so-called RI&E is an extensive safety inspection, in which also elements like for instance environmental safety, the level of supervision and the clarity and correctness of safety instructions are being evaluated. With an RI&E you will have a summary as complete as possible of the safety issues at your workplace. Primoteq provides you with an action plan based on the priorities (risk classes) and can also carry out the follow-up work if desired.

Implementation of CE-marking

When you change the performance or functionality of an existing machine, the safety risk of the installation will change. The machine will have to be examined again according to the Machinery Directive for safety and needs to be provided with a CE-marking. Primoteq can take care of this.

  • approach according to the (Dutch) Dangerous Equipment Law (Wet Gevaarlijke Werktuigen)
  • compliance with legal, technical and administrative safety requirements

Final result: a safe and certified machine.

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